Michael Maslana
Chief Executive Officer and President


Mr. Maslana's 24-year career reveals his personality; visionary, entrepreneur and leader.  Having spent his first 5 years establishing and building customer relationships, he founded CompServ Sales to change the long held perception of the sales representation business.  After 8 consecutive years of revenue growth he once again recognized the need for change and transformed CompServ's www.compserv-inc.com focusto that of accepting customer orders and providing turnkey program management services.  In 2005 he spearheaded and led the acquisition of Datest www.datest.com, a test services company to expand CompServ's offerings.  With the 2007 organization of Vertronix www.vertronix-inc.com Michael's talentand energy is now directed toward the development, marketing and sale of OEM products.  Michael holds a Bachelor of Science degree from California State University Hayward. 



Eddie Sirhan
Founder / Product Development

Mr. Sirhan is the Father of the Serial Data Interface (SDI.)  While working as an automotive technician Eddie saw the compelling need and the significant value potential in creating a diagnostic tool that could quickly, easily, and accurately confirm, identify and pin-point electrical defects in an automobile’s computer communication system.  Eddie’s role is to champion the development, enhancement and ultimate evolution of the technology he invented.  Eddie’s drive, ingenuity and creativity has birthed numerous products from toys, to commercial lasers to Department of Defense projects.  Eddie is the owner of 4 patents, 1 trademark and 10 copyright citations.