Serial data isolator
(SDI) vx-100

In today’s vehicles, technicians experience problems communicating with a vehicle using a scan tool. Those problems can occur due to a serial data circuit failure.

The Vertronix SDI VX-100 is the best tool used by technicians to isolate and locate failures in automotive SWP (single wire protocol) serial data circuits.

The class 2 (J1850VPW) and GM Low Speed LAN/Single Wire CAN (SWC) uses a common bus tied together by a star connector. The SDI VX-100 is inserted in place of the star connector shunt, allowing the technician to isolate each serial data circuit from the rest of the bus. By doing so, the technician is able to determine which circuit is the cause of the communication failure.

  • High quality hand held unit
  • 12 switchable data circuits
  •  2 primary LED indicators for monitoring bus status
  • 12 circuit LED indicators for short to voltage and short to ground conditions
  • 12 standard banana jacks for DMM probing
  • 1 Ground jack on back of unit
  • 4 ft cable with star connector for easy installation
  • Pigtail and adapter cables for multiple applications
  • Cigarette lighter adaptor for power
  • Durable carrying case
  • 1 year warranty
Availability coming soon

About Vertronix

Vertronix embodies both the vision and experience of its creative founders.  The expression “Necessity is the mother of invention” personifies our mission.  The SDI VX-100 is the first in what will be a long line of innovative time saving automotive diagnostic tools every dealer and technician must have to remain competitive.

Customer Testimonial

I would like to take a moment to thank you for taking an idea
and making it a reality.  The communication diagnostic tool you have put
together has made diagnosing as well as teaching diagnostic strategies
easier.  This tool has become part of my lectures in diagnosing
communication problems as well as practical application in the Lab. 

The idea to quickly separate the network and at a glance determine opens,
short to grounds and short to voltage will take the average technician and
launch him into area of thought that can only build from there. 

I would like to thank you for your participation and questions in class, and
congratulate you on a tack well done.  You have taken a thought and made it
a tangible tool that will benefit communication diagnostics in the industry
for years to come.

    "You have truly developed a tool of great impact and power"

Terry J.
Las Positas College
Automotive Dept.

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